the acquisition of COSCO Group Orient Overseas news

Following the previously reported Caixin related to the acquisition of COSCO Group Orient Overseas news, Orient Overseas sale of assets "rumor" all over the place.January 19th the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the news, COSCO shipping group Orient Overseas Container Line Company (OOCL) $4 billion bid.And the acquisition of negotiations with OOCL, the two sides have been in negotiations for several months.Then came news that, before shipping group Cosco by the CDB's credit of 180 billion yuan in loans, of which $4 billion was for the acquisition of Orient Overseas Container Line.The news Orient Overseas, the day's stock price has increased to HK $from 7% to 45.05.
To this end, Orient Overseas investment in response to media enquiries, the public relations manager Shen Chih-Cheng said again Related to the acquisition of its subsidiary Cosco shipping group Orient Overseas Container Line rumors just rumors.He said that, Just know that the source is from a research report of the company, The current rumors of the sale of the company's assets, leading to unusual share price performance, the short-term will issue a formal notice to clarify the incident.The message says, Dong were the Chief Executive of Orient Overseas (ANDY TUNG) issued internal e-mail at noon that day, To clarify this rumor is not true, And that the management of this transaction didn't know, and neither were the sale of Orient Overseas International Limited (OOIL), a public tender or Orient Overseas Container Line Company (OOCL).Dong was also pointed out that Although it is not the largest of the Orient Overseas shipping company, But in the period of the shipping industry, has been able to compete with their peers, and to maintain a healthy financial position, the group is still full of confidence about the future.Dong were also called, Facing excess capacity, under the market environment of weak growth in global demand, the shipping industry must establish a long-term and sustainable competitive position, can continue to operate.
 Meanwhile, the Group also needs to decrease costs and increase service levels.Union (OCEAN alliance with the group to join the "Ocean", Six super-large delivery of the ship, And the California long beach transit port reconstruction plan, the group will re-route, improve operational efficiency, will orient overseas to provide a sound foundation for development.In addition, Dong hope employees can seize the opportunities for trade to pick up early this year, to achieve group goals.It is reported that the Executive Chairman of Orient Overseas Dong in 2017, the company said in a statement the latest progress and the prospect of the next step.
  He said the Orient Overseas orders for the world's largest container ship the order of $950 million to be delivered, 21100TEU of the order, including 6 container ships, ready to officially put into use on April.(OOCL) Orient Overseas Container Line company is a Hong Kong-based container shipping and logistics services company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orient Overseas International (OOIL).July 1st 2012, Dong have to take Chow Wah as the Chief Executive Officer of Orient Overseas Container Line Company (OOCL) new, this is to emphasize 3G the important position.Dong Li is vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Tung Chee-hwa's eldest son.