After the reorganization of China shipping giant China Cosco lost 5.3 billion

The two report card highlights the difficult shipping industry. China Cosco, China shipping, two shipping tycoons quarter of the total loss of more than 5.3 billion yuan, but it is worth noting that two of the company's executive compensation has risen."In the protection of workers inclined to the line, Preventing the income distribution gap is too big at the same time, a number of complete market competition of state-owned enterprises in employing and salary mechanism, there are still obstacles to overcome.
"One industry source said.Recombinant quarter of this year after a loss of 5.3 billion yuan after twists and turns, February 18th 2016, "the case of the reorganization of China Cosco finally settled in Shanghai.However, after the reorganization of both sides seem still in the running, after the cooperation performance is not "eye-catching", recently the production of the report card also is not beautiful. Yangtse River signs up for reporter access to the subsidiary of COSCO and China Shipping Shipping (stock) (601866. Sh) earnings report found, China Cosco direct-quarter net loss of 4.484 billion yuan 2016, China Shipping quarter of this year is also a loss of 859 million yuan.
  Controversy over high executive pay the $1 million recent data also show that, released by the General Administration of Customs The export of 112.27 million tonnes of freight in April, a sharp decline of 24.3% year-on-year, or cars, trains, ships, aircraft, 4 kinds of transport mode, only the data in the decline of the ship.In this case, there is a phenomenon worthy of note.Yangtse River signs up for reporter investigates discovery, the COSCO 11 increase in salary of executives, more than $1 million in salary after salary increases; China shipping a total of 14 senior executives in an increase in salary last year, 6 deputy general manager were more than the annual salary of up to 1.3 million yuan.It is in sharp contrast with As of April 13th, The disclosure of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, including PetroChina, Sinopec, list share, including 24 state-owned enterprises of China aluminum industry company directors, supervisors and senior executives, etc. The total amount of salary was 223 million yuan 2015, 17 million yuan less than 2014.
 Turning to the question of salary, "at present, it is still a sore point in the reform of state-owned enterprises incentive mechanism is not clear, the internal energy is not enough, the problem of brain drain.General Manager of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech park culture said."The weakness of the situation of the shipping industry management, but management compensation rise, from the view of common sense is difficult to accept."Well-known financial commentator, Yan Yuejin told the Yangtse River signs up for reporter," This kind of salary system may also be questioned by investors.In the face of such challenges, the recommendation related to the disclosure of information, to improve the efficiency of the follow-up of corporate governance and make a commitment to ensure the growth, there will be a more convincing.Source: international shipping network