Lack of demand for capacity expansion of shipping into a serious downturn

Lack of demand for capacity expansion of shipping into a serious downturn BDI also fell to a near three-month low, and the further research trend. As of October 27th, the BDI closed at 739 points, this has been a continuous drop in three trading days.Experts said that the current demand is insufficient, and the continued expansion of capacity, the extension of the winter period, or will the shipping industry.BDI September of this year, the average of TOC is 740 points, down 361 points year-on-year, a drop of Gundam 32.8%.
 Since October, the BDI is all the way down. The culprit is the imbalance between supply and demand of shipping winter, Quarter shipping season, but in the face of demand is insufficient, excess capacity, the vicious competition between enterprises, the situation of the shipping industry may show season is not busy quarter.
 Recently, International Monetary Fund, OECD, the World Bank expressed concerns about the outlook for global economic growth, and to revise down its growth projections.China Shipowners Association expects 1.355 billion tons of iron ore seaborne trade 2015, an increase of 1.3%, a sharp drop of 11.1 percentage points than that of last year.
 One-quarter of 342 million tons, an increase of 1.1 percentage points compared with the same period of last year, China's iron ore import demand is expected to further drop.Coal seaborne trade is still in negative growth 2015 is expected to drop 3.5%, a total of 1.171 billion tons quarter of the total amount of coal seaborne trade slightly lower than the same period last year.In addition to the continued weak external demand from China, India because domestic coal production increase in demand is not prosperous, it will be difficult to have achieved a significant improvement in import demand in the short term.Grain situation with regard to the slightly optimistic, the China Shipowners' Association estimated total volume of 439 million tons of seaborne trade of grain 2015, 1.6 percentage points percentage points higher than the same period last year.
 Quarter grain of seaborne trade with the same period last year, quarter was slightly higher than the same period last year to 3 million tons.While the lack of demand, many shipping enterprises are faced with the dilemma of no goods can be transported, but capacity was still expanding, which will be further exacerbated by excess capacity.According to the plan of building capacity, it is expected that 147-quarter deliveries of new vessels 11.21 million DWT.The higher the number of delivery is still a handy-size ships and, in particular, the ultimate type of handy-size ships.
Throughout the expected delivery of new ships for a total of 683 vessels of 52.88 million DWT, up from last year's 601, 47.8 million deadweight tons.In general it is expected that the supply and demand of full-year growth of 3.0%, higher than the rise in demand.
 China Shipowners Association said, Quarter is the traditional peak season for dry bulk market, Also four quarter, the highest yield of mine On the one hand the effects of the weather-quarter shipments, Production ahead of the final quarter, On the other hand, Vale do Rio Doce, the calculation of earnings in accordance with the calendar year, Quarter to "catch up", according to the statistics, Vale three quarters of 248 million tons, an increase of 5%, the production target of 340 million tons this year, meaning that 4th quarter would also be a record high.
 Meanwhile, stronger ushered in the traditional peak season for coal storage of coal for the winter. U.S. Grain exports began to increase.However, due to the slower-than-expected demand growth, the duration and height of the market to rise later this year is likely to be limited. Source: shipping line